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7 Tips to Level Up Your Blog Content Game

Last updated: 06/25/2020Read time: 10 mins

Writing blog posts sounds pretty easy... until you start writing.

Organizing yourself and setting a few rules before beginning is very important. An outline and some kind of roadmap that you have to follow make the writing a more pleasing experience.

In this article, I will share the most important steps of the blog post creation.

But before we dive in, let's see why is blogging good for you.

First of all, content is the center of your digital marketing activities. It's extremely important in the form of blogging as well, primarily because blogging supports many aspects of your digital presence. It's great for SEO, it provides ideas for social media posts, your clients and prospects might find it useful, and so on.

Tell a story, give advice and instructions, or publish your projects and insights. In return, you contribute to increased brand awareness and credibility, which can ultimately lead to more conversions and increased revenue.

1. Choose a good topic

The topic should be relevant to your audience, educative, and interesting. A suitable topic might be something that is trendy in your niche, professional advice or guidelines on a subject.

SEO analysis for potential keywords and topics you'd like to optimize your site on is a good source of ideas for content.

2. Write an alluring headline

The headline should be relevant to the blog post topic, interesting and appealing. The headline is the primary point when the reader decides if he's intrigued and wants to continue reading.

Stimulate the reader's curiosity and present him with the value he is going to get from your post. Give him specific and clear information in the title which will meet his expectations when he reads the rest of the post. At the same time, make sure you are not giving away too much in the title.

Sometimes you will come up with a headline before starting to write your post and it's going to serve as a framework and outline of your work. Other times you might write the post and then decide which headline works best with it. There is no right way to do it, although if you start writing your post without already coming up with a title, you might go into a few different directions and your post will contain a broader topic that you intended.

The style of your headlines depends on your audience and the industry you are working in. Some headlines include specific figures, others include questions or the how-to angle. It is very hard to know right at the beginning what works for your readers, so you might need to experiment and monitor their response.

Always try to put yourself in their shoes and try to relate to their problem and needs. This will help you see the matter from their perspective and help you adapt your style adequately.

3. Add visuals to your post

Visual elements such as photographs, illustrations, or infographics make the post more prominent. They can even help structure your post better.

The featured image should be appealing because it's going to be used when sharing the article on social media (unless you set another image specifically for social). Nice image and an alluring headline is the perfect combination for obtaining clicks.

4. Craft an appealing introduction

You've attracted readers with your headline and you've won a battle, but not the war (or at least not yet). Your next challenge is to retain those readers. Start by writing an awesome introduction.

Rule number one is to connect to your readers by sympathizing with their problem. Show them that you understand what they are going through and that you are experiencing the same. You share the same fears, dreams, and hopes. Put your emotions in your words to have your readers feel them.

Again, you don't want to overshare in this phase as well, so keep a little bit of mystery and take your readers down your post.

5. Structure your post

Have you noticed that upon opening a blog post, you tend to glance quickly and scan it?

You probably aren't a big fan of unstructured text with extra long paragraphs. Most people are not. For this reason, using a main heading and subheadings is very important, as well as the first sentences of each section.

The headline – the title of the post should be the main heading marked as H1.

The copy should be divided into logical sections, marked with subheadings H2, while each section is discussing similar topics. Then each section can be divided into even smaller parts, marked with H3 or H4 respectfully.

The sections and the topics that are discussed should follow an intuitive order.

6. Revise and correct your post

Once you have your copy, it's time to revise and optimize it. Go through each paragraph, sentence, and word to ensure you have shared your thoughts clearly.

Optimize your post by following the SEO rules. Check if you've used your keywords correctly and write your meta description. If you are using any links in your text, make sure you have written carefully selected and relevant keywords as anchor text.

7. Add tags and categories

I'm sure you'd like to create an easy way of distinguishing different types and topics of your posts.

Categories are used for broad grouping of posts and are usually representing general topics. On the other hand, tags are describing specifics of a post. They are both used for better organization of the website content.

Remember to add categories and tags to your post to help your visitors find the articles they are searching for.


Blogging is a very important digital activity and it's worth the time invested in it. 

It can be fun but time-consuming as well. For this reason, try to create a checklist with the most important steps you have to follow and in time you will begin getting to know your writing process even better. Then you will create your own pace of writing and will excel in it!

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